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Hisar Coding Summit at ACS

This year we organized the 2nd ISCI Summit in ASC Athens, Greece. The students from ASC, AFS Thessaloniki and Hisar School gave various workshops such as Scratch, Arduino, Fusion, Botany, Mental Health and lot more. Four of the twelve workshops were given by our students and the organization has achieved a great success.With 4 workshops; Scratch, Arduino, Python and Fusion, we introduced 400 students to our field.

The ASC students had hosted us. We got to know a different culture and had a great time. We had the opportunity organize an inspiring organization with our peers from different cultures and geographies.


19 February Tuesday

9:00-10:05 Python & Fusion
10:15-11:20 Scratch & Arduino
11:30-12:35 Python & Fusion
13:25-14:30 Scratch & Arduino
14:40-15:35 Python & Fusion

20 February Wednesday

9:00-10:05 Scratch & Arduino
10:15-11:20 Python & Fusion
11:30-12:35 Scratch & Arduino
13:25-14:30 Python & Fusion
14:40-15:35 Scratch & Arduino

Arduino Workshop

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We welcome everyone who would like to learn.



icon Scratch + MakeyMakey

This year our annual Scratch Day event will be hosted within the Hisar Coding Summit. Scratch, an programming environemnt being developed by MIT, incorporates a "drag and drop" styled coding interface. This interface makes Scratch ideal environment for beginners who would like to start learing more about programming. For our Scratch workshop, we kindly request our guests to bring their own laptops with them.

icon Arduino

Want to learn more about electronics and become a Maker? Then our Arduino workshop is a must to attend! Our participants in this workshop will be able to work on both electronics and coding while discovering many equipments and the Arduino itself. We kindly request our guests to bring their own laptops for this workshop.

icon Mobile Applications

App Inventor, an app developed by MIT again, is an enviroment for creating Android apps without any prior knowledge. App Inventor also uses a "drag and drop" based user interface, just like Scratch. Laptops and Android Devices are not mandatory, but suggested for this workshop.

icon Raspberry Pi with Python

Meet Python, the programming language that millions describe as the ideal one to begin coding! Within our workshop our participants will be able to work on many projects from their own games to electronics. During the workshop, our guests will use the temporary RaspberryPi lab and are not require to bring laptops with them.

icon Unity & Maya

Unity is an ideal application for everyone to start designing their own games in 2D or 3D. Start building your first game with our Unity workshop! You will also get to design your own graphics for you own game using AutoDesk Maya. Computers will be provided in this workshop. For those who would like to work on their own device it is suggested to install Unity and Maya before hand.


During the day our participants will get the chance to have a taste of what they can do in STEAM fields. We would like to invite you all to these little "tastings" that will be held in break times.

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Our orgnanization will be held in our school. Please don't hesitate to contact us for your questions

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